Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little Catching Up To Do

As I was browsing some blogs today I noticed a couple things that cause me some distress. The first was that I had not posted in two months and the second was that my sister who is a slacker about posting had not posted in two months, effectively making me a slacker by association.
So here is a little catching up post just so I am not in that category any longer. The past two months have been pretty eventful for our family. We had become foster parents and received our first foster child. He was with us as a shelter child and stayed with us for about a month until he was able to be reunified with his mother. We had a lot of mixed feelings about him going. He was not a very easy infant to have because he came in with some illnesses that caused him a lot of discomfort and so it was tough, but we really grew to love him and were pretty sad when he had to go back. I hope he is happy and safe.
The second thing that happened was I decided to try this HCG diet thing after seeing a neighbor try it and lose a lot of weight. Now I have always struggled with weight issues and really wanted to find some way to help kick start a new me. I did the diet for one month and lost 30 lbs. It was a really crappy month for someone who cooks food for a living. I could only eat 500 calories a day. I was constantly running to the garbage can at work spitting out what I had just put in my mouth. Any good cook has to taste the food they cook, everyone knows this, but I couldn't and kept forgetting this fact until it was in my mouth. But I stuck with it which is more than I can say for any diet I have ever tried much to my wifes surprise, and was pretty successful with it. I feel a lot better now and thats the main point. Things are good for us right now, thats what life is all about right?