Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was looking back at some of my old posts and realized I had posted for my daughters birthday but quit before my sons. Brandon turned 10 years old on Sunday. I honestly cant believe how big he is. I drop him off at the intermediate school in the mornings and I keep thinking "you're too little for this big school". I asked him the other day as we were headed there if he missed elementary school and he replied in usual Brandon speak, "no I'm ready to transition".

The problem is I don't think I am. I miss my little bubba, which by the way he has asked us not to call him in public but I will forever anyway. I miss the little him running around, peeing in the front yard, and throwing rocks through the neighbors van window.

That's crazy I know but I still miss that boy. Fortunately he is growing into the most amazing, caring, unselfish, giving person I have ever seen besides my Dad, which one day he will understand is a complement. I love him with all my heart and am sooooooooooo proud of that kid.

It's Been Too Long.

I just remembered about this thing due to my wife updating hers, we both like to practice the art of procrastination, She likes to say I'm better at it but when you get a chance ask her about her school work.

Tons has happened this last year so I will just touch on a few of the high points. We went to California this year for vacation and took a couple of girls from our church group. They are like daughters to us and they kept out teenage foster daughter company and were just lots of fun to have around. Two out of the three girls had never seen the beach, which we stayed right by. They had never been to Disney Land which is unheard of I know, but we helped fulfill their dreams.

Summer was a blast, my son joined a swim team and did amazing for his first year, I really cant wait for next year.

My wife and I are still plugging away at school, its a long road but hopefully worth it in the end. I started running again and have a relay race in about a month, the RedRock Relay, its like 180 miles and there will be 12 of us so I decided to actually do a little training for this race, I know not my usual thing but we'll see how it goes.