Monday, June 29, 2009

Marathon Man

I'm running a marathon! There it is, I've said it and now I'm stuck. Actually the fact that I paid for it already, coupled with the fact that I'm a cheap skate when it comes to wasting money like that, pretty much makes it impossible to back out now.

I probably should take you back to the beginning with regards to my running career. Three years ago my sweet yet very subtle wife suggested we run in a local 5k race a few months out. Now the problem with that suggestion is that she doesn't run for anything unless it involves a cup of her favorite chocolate ice cream treat. See, instead of just coming out and saying "I'm not going to continue to buy you larger clothing anymore; even if the dryer keeps shrinking everything you own and not touching the rest of the families clothes" she suggested, rather subtly how fun it would be for us to run together hand in hand across the finish line. I'm sold on any hand in hand action and my mind skimmed over the running part altogether.

As I trained, I began to notice a rather large lack of training coming from my better half. No need to worry I thought, hand in hand remember, she said hand in hand. So on I pushed just knowing somewhere late at night or very early she must be putting in the miles as I was.

To make a long story short, my wife ran the race without training, no hand holding occurred as advertised, she never ran again and I became hooked. So last year I tried my wife's approach to running and signed up for the St. George Marathon. I used her no training plan just to see how it would hold up in a marathon. While it worked for the local 5k, I really don't recommend it for any distance farther than that.

So this year I vow to do better, should be easy since I can't do much worse. So after months of grueling mental training, I have decided to put that mental toughness I have built up to work and begin training physically. Besides, isn't there some law or rule about an object in motion staying that way and getting really fast or something?

If you happen to be up in the darkest hours of the night you may catch a glimpse of me in all my training glory. Sorry it has to be so late, some city ordinance about eye sores being illegal during daylight hours. I don't make the rules. Anyways give me a honk if you catch a glimpse. You'll either get a wave or a bird depending on which mile I'm on. Oh yeah one more thing. You might want to look into the price of stock for Rock Star Zero Carb drinks. Something tells me its about to go up.

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  1. That is Awesome I will have to keep an eye out for your training efforts around town. I will have to judge what mile you are on by sweat before I honk. Well maybe I will just honk any ways because it will be hillarious. Good luck and don't die