Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Perfect Night

Tonight was one of those nights that I consider pretty close to perfection. I took the kids to the Road Runners game and we had a blast. To start we indulged in cupcakes from 25 Main. If you haven't tried them, go get some. They are amazing!

After we got seated the kids went off in search of the two big mascots dancing around so they could get their autographs. They came back with arms autographed in permanent marker. Just so you don't think I'm an unfit parent I did jump in and stop one huge bird from signing my five year olds forehead. Apparently this guy thinks its funny to sign his name on childrens foreheads. Come to think of it, that might be a little fun.(I wonder if they need any help tomorrow in nursery?)

Hmmm.....just a thought. We even got a foul ball during the game, so all in all it was a pretty sweet night.


  1. Plus you saw me there, so can't beat that!

    Also, like 2 minutes after I went and bought a cupcake they announced that they were buy one get one free, so unjust!

  2. best dad ever! this post was fun to read, especially since you have been shirking your duties as a blogger lately, neglecting all of us. better talk to the bishop about that!
    p.s. i was wondering where the signature on my daughters forehead came from...