Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My "Type"

I must tell you, I have decided that I just may be one of the luckiest men in the world. How is that possible you might wonder, well I will enlighten you. I have been blessed with someone who has to be one of the most amazing women in the world. Last night as we were laying on the trampoline she asked me what my "type" of woman is. I told her she already knew and left it at that.

Here is my "type" if anyone cares to know.

Someone who lets me sleep in while she get up with the kids, even when she went to bed way later than me.

Someone who takes care of two perfect, but at times out of control, children all day and still finds time to do her vinyl business, piano lessons, and primary calling, and housework, and then tells me multiple times how thankful she is that I work so hard. (she runs circles around my hard work)

Someone who doesn't mind jumping on the trampoline while the kids and I throw water balloons in her general direction.

Someone who lets me go out and run at night so I don't gross anyone in town out, while she puts the kids to bed.

Someone who makes us eat at the table "like a real family" instead of watching Sponge Bob which was my preference.

Someone who doesn't care that I drink obscene amounts of soda, and always seems to know when I need one.

Someone who loves almost everyone without needed it in return. I have a long ways to go there.

Someone who can eat chocolate ice cream thing ( her creation) everyday and still look amazing, and doesn't seem to mind that I get fat just smelling that stuff.

Someone who doesn't care that I still haven't learned how to put the toilet paper roll on the holder instead of on top of it, or the way I only use a towel once and throw it on the floor most of the time, or that I tend to dry her shirts even when she reminds me not to.

Someone that entertains all of my weird and crazy ideas (minds out of the gutter people) like wanting to play guitar even though I am not musically inclined whatsoever.

Someone who takes the kids to the Wednesday free movie, giving me quite time to work on homework. I usually surf the internet instead, but she never gets mad.

Someone who continues to look better to me everyday of the twelve years I have known her. Seriously, have you seen her, ridiculously hot!

Someone that makes our family who they are, cause we all know that's been all her, without her I wouldn't be anywhere near the person I am today.

Someone who saved my life (literally) by bringing me back from a path I was on that would have led somewhere I didn't want to go. (Thank You, I absolutely love you for it)

So there you have the family safe version of my "type" of woman. If you see this "type" of woman around town make sure to tell her thanks for me, I don't do it nearly enough.


  1. I would have to agree she is all that anda a bag of chips. She is an amzing sister as well! if I were her I would break down doing all that stuff. Kudos to you Melissa love you lots!

  2. Ah, that's just the sweetest tribute! I have to agree that Melip is an awesome woman! And I am jealous of the fact that she can eat chocolate ice cream everyday and still look as good as she does. You ARE one luck man, Chef!

  3. Can you forward this post to Ben so he can type somthing like this for me? How sweet a husband are you? Where was this sensitive side when you were beating ME up when we were younger?

  4. I agree with Mary Jo. I didn't know you had this side to you!! Very sweet!

  5. i gotta say it. YOU'RE RIGHT. you ARE one lucky dude!!! oh, to be as awesome as miss melissa. everybody likes you two barney kids.

  6. That was so sweet, I just want to cuddle with you right now, watch spongebob and eat chocolate ice cream.


  7. Pretty AMAZING! Melip is making all the rest of us look bad. But way to go! You're lucky to have such a treasure!