Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beer And Fireworks!

I couldn't help but write about the amazing sales promotion going on at the red store tonight. Right inside the front door is a huge display of fireworks and right next to that are multiple displays of beer. I mean who brings the product out and decides hmmm..... these two items could possibly work together, what could possibly go wrong here? After all what is a pioneer celebration, or any celebration for that matter without a lot of beer and lots of dangerous explosives? Bring on the fun!


  1. i just drove past the unstable people on my street, and in honor of the pioneers, they ARE drinking beer while lighting fireworks.
    whoever made that display must have done it just for them!

  2. Oh those faithful pioneers would be so proud to have struggled so hard and long so the people to come after could enjoy a cold bud while blowing there kids hand off. If you through in a bag of pork rinds you would have a typical tuesday in most southern states.

  3. I actually thought of picking up a pack of that beer! LONG DAY!

  4. "Beer and fireworks", sounds like a country song.