Monday, July 27, 2009

Victory Is Mine!

Imagine my surprise when out of the blue, my biggest McDonald's critic called us up and suggested we accompany his family to none other than the golden arches! He may as well have been calling to admit defeat in the war of words concerning the type of heavenly cuisine we will be enjoying later in life. I even persuaded him to pose with this food item with the stipulation that his identity would be concealed from the public. Although he enjoyed the Bic Mac instead of the better choice of cheeseburger, I was just happy to see him enjoying life while eating the food of heaven. And I have to say, I forgive your previous negative comments concerning this issue and consider the matter resolved. I knew I was right!


  1. crack AND lying about his love for mcdonald's? poor kevin. i think it's time to stage an intervention.

  2. KEVIN! I told you I would disguise your identity and you just had to go and ruin everything. Nobody would have found out, I even used several dollars worth of free software to computer enhance the image so you would be unrecognizable.