Monday, July 13, 2009

Is This Our Vacation?

That's what our little five year old, the same unnamed one who we threatened to leave on the side of the road five times, asked every five minutes on the way here. Apparently to her, by hour nine of what should have been a six hour drive, this drive must be what we had planned for her to do on vacation. At the exact same time this was going on our seven year old decided that he would inform us of his dislike for the sun on his face, as it was making him hot. I decided not to inform him that we had left our desert home for an even hotter desert vacation because one child melting down in the car was enough at this moment, and I figured he would appreciate the surprise gift/sunny vacation we had decided to give him once we actually got there.

So after a little more than ten hours into our six hour drive, we arrived, and I must say we have had a blast in spite of the sun on our faces. We spent yesterday at the Angels/Yankees baseball game and before any of you remind me what day it was, let me tell you I already know it was Sunday. My mother informed me of that fact yesterday during the game, and didn't seem to care that technically the team is called the Angels so there is at least some religion going on there right? Before the game the kids got to go down and get a couple of autographs from some players and that was the highlight of the game for them, that and the food. After the game we got to go down on the field, my highlight, and watch the kids run the bases. AWESOME!

We decided after the first day in the massive pool/water slide area, that we are the whitest people here. Everyone either has tons of tattoos, or looks like George Hamilton. I think I've seen a few extremely tan ten year old's with more tattoos than normal this week. My son and I can blend in OK because we tan like normal people, my wife and daughter have not been blessed very well in that department, I think I may have to schedule a tattoo session for the both of them this afternoon so they can blend in, I wonder if they charge full price for five year old's?


  1. Oh for Kendal do something girly like a butterfly, or maybe a i "heart" (can't do a picture) my dad!

  2. What an awesome vacation! I'm glad that you felt good about going to an Angel's game on the Sabboth.:) We, however, were being angels ourselves and going to church. But I guess no one is perfect.:) I can't wait to see pictures when you get back! I love vacations in California! Have so much fun!

  3. you know what? you are absolutely right. that baseball team is called the ANGELS. hence; religion. and what is sunday if not for religion? we ate at the dairy queen on the way home from nephi for our sunday dinner. and all i can say is that ice cream is white! and white=purity.
    and yes, i have heard they discount tattoos for those under 10. melissa will just have to pay full price. maybe she could tattoo your name on her forehead? just an idea!

  4. Sounds like you're having fun!