Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where's Kendal?

So this is our last day of a week in sunny Palm Springs, and we cant wait to get back to temperatures that are just barely into the hundreds. While we loved the vacation, next time we might just look for a spot a little cooler than where we currently reside. We took lots of pictures that I'm sure Melissa will post within the next few days, but I wanted to leave you with a favorite of ours.

Our time at the pool was awesome, and one of the reasons why was our five year old. This picture reminded me of the childhood favorite book series "Where's Waldo". Every day at the pool, Kendal seemed to get brighter and whiter while everyone else seemed to get darker. Even Melissa came away with a slight suntan, but poor Kendal just seemed immune to the tanning effects of the sun here.

Well, we have to go checkout, see you all soon.


  1. I remember those good oold days when i used to glow like a neon light. I was WHITE. Hopefully Kendal grows out of it like I did either that or I hope pasty white comes back in style. Travel safe.

  2. So cute. The pool is the place to be in this hot weather!

  3. i didn't know kendal was an albino...

  4. LOL! AT least you know you can always find her!:) She is such a cutie!!