Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Favorite Part Of Fall

This is what I've been waiting all year for. My favorite part of fall has to do with these tiny little nuts. Pine nuts hold a special place in my heart because of my father. More specifically they remind me of him. Every year, when the pine nut stands come out, I am reminded more deeply about my father.

It really isn't anything special about these nuts, just the fact that he had them. He always seemed to have some in his pockets. I looked forward to sharing these when we were outside doing something. I could almost always count on him having a pocketful at any given time.

My father passed away while I was serving a mission. Years later I borrowed his old hunting coat when I decided to go hunting again. There in the bottom of the pocket were a few lone pine nuts left over from who knows when. Each year this rite of fall gives me a chance to reflect and remember some special everyday events we shared. They also remind me that no matter how many great things we do for those we love, it will be the small and insignificant things we do on a daily basis that will be remembered long after we are gone.


  1. Ahhhh! I loved that story! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I think of the same thing whenever I see them and I still have to buy any new grocery product at the store to try out. Don't you know it's not fair to make posts like this when your sister is pregnant?? Man, I miss him!

  3. all those years later and you got an "i love you" at the bottom of a hunting coat pocket. awesome. thanks for sharing.

  4. great story. sorry about your dad!