Friday, January 22, 2010


My sister and her husband had to go to Las Vegas this weekend and we are watching two of their kids for them. We are hoping this will be a good experience for our kids because we are trying to get into the Foster program and they need some time with other children.

So far I get the feeling our daughter may have a bit of a hard time with someone else in the house. Last night my sisters daughter was having a hard time falling asleep and our daughter came down and proclaimed to us that Ava was going to go sleep in the hallway because she couldn't sleep. After explaining that our guests were in fact NOT going to be made to sleep in the hallway, we put them in separate rooms and within minutes both were sound asleep.

Today we had a little bathroom incident that our daughter decided she needed to be in charge of. Ava was in the bathroom and being the great parents and babysitters that we are we didn't have any toilet paper in that bathroom. My wife decided to send Kendal up with the toilet paper and thats where things went wrong. Ava informed Kendal she didn't need it any longer and because she wouldn't tell Kendal what she had used instead, Kendal decided that she needed to pull her hair because as anyone knows, thats is the most acceptable way of solving that type of problem.

They seem to have made up though and are now playing happily together. They just came down, grabbed some scissors, and headed back upstairs. Don't worry though, being the good parent that I am I forbade them from cutting anyones hair. I guess I should go check on them before my wife gets home just in case....


  1. perfect! i know exactly where to drop my kids off on my next trip to vegas.

  2. I told you, if you take my kids, you'll be able to spice up your blog! Just imagine the stories you could post if you had taken the twins instead!! ;) Thanks again!