Saturday, January 23, 2010

Westate Border Wars

Continuing in the awesome parent theme we have going we decided to take the kids to the movies today. Being the awesome and also cheap parents we are we made a pit stop to buy treats at a much cheaper rate than was being offered at the local theater. Yes, we understand this will offend some out there but really, who is more at fault, us or those that charge 3 bucks for a dollar candy....makes ya think doesn't it?
After watching a show called Border Wars we had the perfect way to sneak our product across the border and into the movie. Strapping it on the back of our youngest child seemed like a fairly decent option so why not try it? After getting out of the car and watching her struggle to not fall over backwards we decided that making a five year old carry snacks for twelve people might be mistaken for cruel punishment. We quickly split it between 3 purses and headed into the theater.

For the most part things went smoothly, only my sister Mary Jo seems to struggle. She looked nervous and jumpy every time she saw an employee. What a Rookie!!

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  1. lol....I can totally picture Mary Jo breaking out into her rash (like when she gets nervous)!! Too funny!