Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's All Cory's Fault

I'm going to die this Saturday. At sometime around 8:00 a.m. I will more than likely leave you all behind and go somewhere better than where I will be at that time. And it is all Cory's fault and I ask that you go after him to the full extent of whatever law you can.

Let me explain to you why I am blaming him in advance for something that I know is going to happen in the future. I'm sure you will come to see the logic in what I have to say. I read the blog of someone who I will only call Cory at this time, you can find out more about him by checking out the blogs I read. In this particular blog he ranted and raved about this amazing trail race coming up that you just had to try, remember it is AMAZING! I haven't really run much since the marathon last year because I ran that without training and hurt my foot. After months of doctors and rehab it feels pretty good and after reading his description I decided to sign up. My wife cautioned me that I may want to go run it before hand.....just in case. No, I thought, it's only 4 miles, I can handle that, plus I didn't recall Cory mentioning it being particularly difficult.

It sucks! I ran it today, and let me just say I think I might not make it back from this. It has what seems like a 500 foot drop off in the beginning. I'm not exaggerating this at all either, it is literally a drop off, sure it is a gravel road, but I'm fairly sure it is meant for mountain goats, not vehicles or people, especially people racing down it. Plus it hurts like crap, I think it might hurt less if I just tuck into a ball and roll down it.

Once I got to the bottom I couldn't figure out where it went from there. Sure there were some trails but every one I followed led me to nowhere, they just stopped. Now I have never been accused of being smart but seriously, they just stopped. After getting attacked by a massive, again not exaggerating at all, cloud of biting horse flies, I decided to head back because I had no clue where to go. Then I had to crawl, almost not kidding, back up the 1000 foot drop off I had just rolled down.

Fortunately for me that only describes the first part of the race, I still have to run another 3.5 miles. Besides that, no problem. I just hope the course is really marked well so they can find me later, or that they have anyone above 90 sign up so I have someone to follow that I can keep up with.


  1. Alright, Chef, you have me scared! I hope I survive it. I singed up last minute because Ive been wanting to race again and I thought this would be a good one to break me in again. I haven't trained much because I thought it wouldn't be too bad.:). Oh well. They may have more than just you to rescue when it's all said and done. Good luck anyway!:)

  2. dear derek,
    you are insane.
    your friend,

  3. Holy Moses, I encountered the same swarm of biting horse flies when we were down there the night before the race. My legs still feel like they are crawling.

    It was nice to meet you for the first time Saturday. And I'm grateful that you weren't in a casket. I feel like I narrowly avoided charges for manslaughter.

  4. Thanks for the numbing stuff! It made her pretty mad. I was asleep when she used it so I didn't get the whole effect. I have to try again!