Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quarterly Update!

Its time once again for my every other month post due to my slackeritis disease. I contracted it sometime between the fifth and sixth grade and have been unable to find a cure yet.

Luckily not much has happened over the last few months so this will be brief. I started school again and am 3 weeks away from officially being a bachelor in some line of expertise. That is correct, I will be considered an expert of sorts in the field of business management. If you have a business you need managed I will know how to do it in 3 weeks, give me a call to reserve your spot.

We got a new pet. I begged my wife and she finally caved and now she loves the little dog like one of her own. I kind of like him too. He is a miniature Yorkie and is pretty darn cute for a punter dog. For those of you who don't understand, that is a dog you can punt across the room when they yap. Its an actual law on the books I think.

I finally entered the world of Face book. That's right, all three of you can now be my friend on the wonderful world of Face book. I can see why it is so addicting, I have to fight my wife to get on the computer once in awhile just to look at it. She lets me for a few seconds before grabbing it back and hunkering over in the corner again, yep she has a problem also. Yes that's her at the gas station.


  1. When did you sneak in the bathroom and take that picture of me? You are so dead!

  2. dear derek,
    i am so sorry to hear about your disease. i wish i would have known so i could help ease the burden of your many responsibilities.
    i don't speak facebook.
    maybe you should update more often, this has been fun!
    your friend,

  3. Judging by the picture, I'd let your wife keep the computer.

    Congrats on school! I have a Bachelor of Science degree. Never did the initials BS seem so appropriate.