Monday, November 30, 2009

National Lampoon's Christmas Light Contest

My all time favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation. One of the main parts of the movie is the decorating of the house with lights. One of our families favorite activities during the Christmas season is driving around looking at lights. In an ode to these two Christmas traditions, I have decided to enlist my family's help with a Christmas light contest. Here's how its going to work. Each day from tomorrow through the twenty fourth, we will post pictures of random Christmas lights that we see hanging around Southern Utah. These will range from the completely awesome, to the not so awesome, to the down right odd. Anyone will be eligible to be nominated during this time. So if you don't have large amounts of cash handy right now to really spruce up the yard, do not fear, just spread lights out randomly across the yard like an old neighbor of ours used to do and you will find a soft spot in our hearts and a place in the gallery. Now we come to the best part, the actual contest. Your job is to vote, by comment, on your favorite decorations and the day with the most comments will be the winning day. From there, we will take the comments and randomly pick the winner of an extremely sweet Christmas present that will be hand delivered on Christmas. Trust me when I tell you, this will be worth the time you take to enter. So have fun and check back for the best and worst Christmas decorations in Southern Utah. And one more thing, if anyone happens to spot a good or bad set of lights and wants to nominate them, send me a comment and we will have a special prize for you as well.

(If your house happens to appear in our top twenty-four, please don't take offense, we're laughing with you...not at you.)


  1. this sounds fun.
    i'm still wondering about that squirrel. why is the squirrel following you? who is the squirrel? why does the squirrel speak another language?

  2. Ha ha I'm still not sure, but I feel kind of special having a squirrel as a follower. Don't be too jealous.

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  4. Don't forget that house out in the fields that broadcasts music and coordinates lights. (came over from Trina's.)

  5. That music coordinating house is right across the street from my sister's house. It's pretty darn cool, except when we want to park at her house then it's a little uncool...but still love it.:)
    I like the idea to spread the lights randomly across the lawn. We might get that done this year...I'm afraid we won't do anymore decorating than the tree because of our darn house building. So we'll have to be a part of your contest next year. You have a very fun idea! I'm excited to see all the lights that you find. Merry Christmas!!