Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Rodeo Fun?

We took the kids to the rodeo tonight. I have always liked the clown shows, apparently smart people don't find them quite as amusing.

In fact both kids weren't as thrilled with the whole rodeo experience as we had hoped. Kendal seemed to be annoyed slightly with the sight of animals getting thrown around and roped for fun.

Our saving grace came in the form of free snow cones given to the kids by the people in front of us.

They said they bought them because they were afraid our kids would have whined if they came back with snow cones and our kids didn't have one. I think they did it because they were sick of hearing ours whining for something from the minute we got there. That or it might have been the fact that the guy was our kids dentist and needed some job security.


  1. don't listen to your children. the clowns shows are where it's AT.

  2. The first picture of Kendal actually reminds me of Rie when she was younger. She didn't get a thrill out of watching the animals being thrown to the ground either. In fact I'm pretty amazed that she isn't one of those CRAZY animal activists today! But she grew out of it! I myself love and always have loved Rodeos! Especially the "bull fighters!" You know what they say about Wrangler Butts! Needless to say, in my teenage years, I had a major crush on a bull fighter. Brad Hurst...Oh, he was hot!!!
    (but not as hot as Jon!!!) :-)

  3. Rodeo?? You should have come to our volleyball game instead! We had cookies cause it was my birthday. Maybe next time, keep that in mind. I'm sorry that Brandon wasn't too impressed...perhaps you're may not be for the "smart" kids. When's the next one? Apparently I'll like it.:)