Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good thoughts for the Chef...

Hi all! This is the Chef's wife. The Chef is a little stressed. He's finishing up his last class for his Bachelor's and it is a doozy! He's been so busy all week and right now he's finishing up a three hour test online. And, he's decaffinated, so he can't get himself a big dose of caffeine to give him a little pep. So, I thought it'd be an awesome idea for everyone that reads to give him a few words of encouragment to help him get through the next couple days. I'll start:

My dear Chef, I sure love you! Thanks so much for all you do for the kids and I. You work so hard at work, and then you come home and work so hard doing homework so that you can provide a better life for us. I'm so thankful for all you do and for the wonderful husband and dad you are. You are amazing! I love you! {Just please, please, please don't ask me to help you with your homework anymore, my brain can't take it!}


  1. dear chef,
    i think you are pretty rockin'.
    keep up the good work, buddy!
    we are so glad to know you guys, and i thank my lucky stars you are the cool dude over the ym!
    don't stress. think caffeine-free thoughts. and finish those tests! you will soon be offering me free pyschological advice!
    your buddy,

  2. Good Luck Chef! Think happy thoughts!
    Our motto:
    C's get degrees!!!!
    (mostly because we can't spell A!)

  3. Hey Chef! This is prob a little late but hopefully you got all the stress out of ya and now you can be our marriage counselor hahaha! that is so awesome you are gonna have your bachelors GREAT JOB!
    P.S. Thanks for that er corn melon it was delicious! must be a hurrican thing :)