Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Awesomeness that is Music and Lights Together

Last night when we went out to look at lights we went to the house that has the music and lights together. We took video of it but forgot to post it. So, here is our all time family favorite.
Plus, you get the bonus of a car driving right through the middle.


  1. thats awesome is that in Hurricane? We will have to see that one!

  2. Awesome! really, is that in Hurricane?

  3. Dear Coffenated Chief,
    I liked the video of the lights and music. The only thing that would improve it would be if you could hold the camera still while filming. I got really dizzy and fell out of my chair while watching. When I came too the pearamedicks said that was one fine bump on my noggin. I told them it wont be nothin' compared to the knot on this Chief guy if I find him. I'm gonna be out two days work and miss my bowling finals. I wuz picked to take all the marbles at this tourney. Now all I got is loose marbles rolli' around in my head. Watch your back Chief I'm lookin' for you.

  4. There are two problems with your threat dear Anonymous person. First of all, I'm a chef, not a chief. Second, I cant take anyone serious that professes to being a serious bowler but cant sit up in a chair the right way. Thanks for the comment though.:)