Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Contest - Day 5

For our best today, someone mentioned to come by and take a look at her Temple Square worthy roses. We have to agree, they are beautiful!

For the worst, it took us 6 pictures to get the whole house. If you're short a few lights on your house, I'm sure you could head on over here and "borrow" some and they wouldn't even notice. I really am impressed with the amount of lights they have. I'm sure it took many, many hours to hang them all up. So while there is a few too many for my taste, it really is magnificent in person.

Because we are equal opportunists, we'd like to invite you to take a moment to make fun of us. We have no lights. And we probably won't have lights because it's too cold to hang them and then if we did, someone might make fun of them. So, commence with the heckling.


  1. thank you for your pity nomination. i vote best house RIGHT THERE. hands down. and by the way, i am glad to hear about the "Equal opportunists" thing, because we drove by your house the other night and after my children both screamed "KENDAL!" and livi threw in a "my lissa!" there were moans of dissapointment. things like "doesn't kendal's dad like to have christmas?" it was confusing for them, i gotta admit. i did the best i could to defend you.

  2. Just to clear up your confusion, I love Christmas. I do however hate hanging Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. The latter comes from many years of retail work and hearing Christmas music starting in July. The light hatred just comes from laziness. Hope that helps any confusion. By the way, I really do like your lights, its not a pity thing at all.