Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Windows Of Heaven

One of my favorite scriptures comes from the Old Testament, and deals with the law of tithing. I struggle for whatever reason with this commandment and I don't really know why. My parents taught me the importance of paying it and throughout my life I have been reminded that I need to keep this commandment.

My faith in it actually working isn't any excuse because I have plenty of that most of the time. But if I hadn't been blessed with such an amazing and strong wife, I think I would still struggle with following through on this one. She pays it, and because she pays it, I naturally pay it also. Because of her I continue to receive the blessings associated with, and mentioned in Malachi. The verse talks about the windows of Heaven being opened and blessings being given and this week was one of those times.

This has been my week up until today:
On Sunday I had to work, my wife called and told me she had paid our tithing as usual. Tuesday morning at 5 am on my way to work my truck died in the middle of the road and I pushed it off State street into the gas station where it was towed to the mechanics. I also get to have a root canal on Saturday. The only thing that went through my mind at the time, was doubt as to what kind of blessings we were receiving for paying our tithing. When I finally got to work I noticed that my heel was a little tender. Throughout the day it continued to get worse and by evening I found myself at the instacare where they told me I had plantar fasciitis and they couldn't tell me how I got it and when or if it would go away.

All of this really had me questioning the tithing thing but my wife and my mother were not convinced that we should have kept the tithing in case we needed it. Both of them let me know what was most important.

Here is what happened almost immediately after the doctors visit. My foot started to feel better, not a ton, but I can walk without limping too much. The mechanic called and said it was a faulty fuel pump that they had installed a couple months ago and he had fixed it under warranty. We also found out a gift card had been mailed to us that will really help us out, and I still get to have a root canal on Saturday. Three out of four isn't too bad right?

One of my many New Years resolutions is to more fully trust my Father in Heaven when he promises me that I will be taken care of if I will only do what he asks.


  1. For a completely different viewpoint on tithing see

  2. derek, sometimes i think you are wise.

    please do not let this go to your head.

  3. Now, you should have been in our ward meeting. If you want things to be ok, you pay your tithing and fast offerings. If you want to improve your situation, we were challenged to increase our fast offerings so they "became a sacrifice". Try that one!

  4. I appreciate the comment Mr. Kelly, and read your view of tithing. I stand by my belief that we should pay it, and we WILL be blessed when we do. Thanks!